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should we have an umbrella ready? let's check in with the meteorologist with all the answers, mike masco. 81 tomorrow afternoon. take a look close to home. not much. a few spotty showers over west virginia, central virginia. that will slide off toward the south. there's more showers toward the west, parts of cleveland, central ohio. that will come in as we head into the midnight hours. bank on a few spotty showers and more showers that will arrive going into tomorrow afternoon. temperatures not bad, into the 70s in most spots. 74 in town. easton at 73. dulles checking in at 76 at the present hour. rain cooled 60s back over charleston, roanoke. 68 degrees. first pitch at 7:05. increasing clouds. no spotty showers. showers by tomorrow morning's
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commute at 60. we'll time the arrival of the showers coming up in just a little bit. a baltimore mother who was shot in the neck earlier this year is making real progress. now she has a new tool to make her life easier. christian schaffer has been following her story. this lady has been through so much. >> reporter: she was shot in the neck and paralyzed from the neck down. now shaunice can do much more. the company presented it to her this morning. when we first met her earlier this year sholy after the shooting she had a computer she could use but she had to move her head around to use it. now with this new one she can operate it by using her eyes. that makes it much easier to communicate with her family.
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she can take and send photos. she is strong enough to breathe and talk on her own. >> i feel much better. >> reporter: she was shot in the neck in may. she had stopped not far from her home. two men pulled up to her car, fired into this striking her in the neck. so far, they have no suspects. we'll have much more of her story tonight at 6 and 11. christian schaffer, abc2 news. days after sharon love was here in our studio, the man convicted of killing her daughter yeardley, george huguely has decided to appeal. he was sentenced for the murder of love, his ex-girlfriend. he had 30 days from the sentencing to file an appeal.
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for a look of our full interview with sharon love, go to we have more information about the one love foundation, the organization that was started in yeardley love's memory. recount -- anne arundel have arrested these two people for a robbery at the royal oak motel on annapolis road. he is facing another charge. she left her five children, the youngest, which is four months old, in a hotel room to steal. officers found the children and they have been releaseed into cuss -- into the custody of a family member. the site remains an empty lot. today as jeff hager reports, we get our first glimpse of what
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har rods baltimore will look like. >> reporter: we've all seen the barren blocks. many wondered whether it will happen. har rods signaled its arrival. >> it's only going to be a few months from now where you'll see cranes, over 2,000 workers. >> reporter: at a projected cost of over $400 million it will have 110,000 square feet of gaming space, a 400 seat buffet, sports bar and restaurant along with a food court. it will also bring in the largest influx of jobs baltimore has seen in 30 years. >> we're prepared to move forward with the slot machines and are excited about it. hopefully question 7 passes which will allow an additional
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700 table jobs on top of the 500. >> reporter: if it seems like they're lobbying to add a sixth casino and table gains in november, well, it is. that would help in the gaming market and they said it's long overdue. >> we want to keep the money in the state of maryland. people need to be part of that. >> reporter: har rods baltimore, maryland live! and anne arundel mall have received assurances. jeff hager, abc2 news. >> construction is scheduled to begin next summer on the site and it should be complete in 2014. there's no rest for the o's.
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no rest for jamie costello. he's got the hardest job of all. look at you in that nice new jacket. >> reporter: we've doesn't tonight and tomorrow night. we're off on thursday to watch the ravens and come back here on friday, saturday and sunday for the red sox. this would be nice -- it would be nice if this were a are fact world and we could clinch it at him and have the cham pain in our own locker room. if not, we'll pop the cork in tampa. they are a game in front of the oakland a's. in the yankees and orioles would end up tied at the end of the regular season, there would be a playoff. guess where that game would be? right lear in baltimore. hold on to that. again, the wild card seats are all sold out. first two games right here at home all sold out but we have to
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concentrate on tonight's game. joe saunders, aaron laughy. perfect weather. the layoff push is on, kelly. one game at a time, all important win. >> one game at a time. we're ready. all right. we'll see you in a little bit. coming up lots of families are making their holiday travel plans. what you should know before you book that flight this fall. >> there were long lines plus a long list of complaints.
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american airlines flights with its pilots are boiling over, causing more than 500 flights already to be canceled since september 16th. less than half of the airline's flights have been on time. according to flight, more than 100 flights were canceled yesterday alone. american airlines said sick calls from pilots and
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questionable maintenance complaints are the blai. the pilots said they're being asked to fly more with cuts to their benefits since american declared bankruptcy. there's lots of criticism about the new apple mapping app. some say the company is offering generous salaries and moving expenses trying to lure former google employees. at the same time google is hard at work trying to bring their map apps back. it might be a good time to start stocking up on bacon. the united kingdom's pig association is predicting a worldwide shortage of pork and bacon next year, saying it's pretty much unavoidable. experts say pig farmers have been cutting back on herd size mainly because of rising food
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cost or the corn used to feed those animals. coming up, here's a longstanding tradition in many towns. why a simple dance is causing such a controversy and now it is banned. >> after last night, you may wish some of the dancers were being banned. we'll take a look at who had the moves and who didn't on last night's season premiere of "dancing with the stars." we put a week's worth of bad odors in a home.
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some aerosols may just mix with them. can febreze really remove them? we asked real people what they thought. take a deep breath for me. describe the smell. it's very pleasant. fresh. some kind of flower maybe? remove the blindfold... awww, oh yuck! i didn't smell any of that!
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febreze air effects doesn't mix, it actually removes odors. [ laughs ] wow, that's incredible. just another way febreze helps you breathe happy. take a look. good shot downtown. got a 7:05 first pitch. temperatures not bad. 74. humid values in check. that's starting to rise. look at the sunset, a shade off
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of 7:00. days are getting shorter. nights are getting longer. here's our shot downtown. crystal clear. temperatures across town, 71 in hagerstown to 74 in baltimore city. take a look at temperatures over the eastern shore. we were a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. 74. easton is at 74. frederick and hague hague in the upper 70s. we'll trade these off with the 60 mark. a little breeze at 9 to 13 at dulles. notice the clouds picking up out toward the west starting to move over frederick county into carroll county. we'll see the clouds in place. 66 through the evening. nighttime temperatures into the 60s. you're waking up to a milder 60
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degrees. so it's going to be quite the change going into tomorrow morning. we are seeing a couple of scattered showers over central virginia. this slides off toward the south, more showers over the ohio valley. this clips us going into tomorrow morning's commute and as we go into tomorrow afternoon. take a lock at the storm. this is pinwheeling moisture in our direction. clouds are going to be in place. scattered showers will pick up over the course of the end of the week. we'll call it unsettled as we end this workweek. here are the clouds. couple scattered showers sneak into the picture as we go into tomorrow morning's commute. another ba of showers pushes through has the cold front pushes across the state. thursday afternoon looks good. a blend of sunshine and clouds. we'll keep the forecast dry before more wet weather enters the picture as the segue into friday. in terms of how much rain to
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expect, the lionsworth over pennsylvania. so shower variety. 58 in town tonight, turning cloudy. late showers. tomorrow your two-degree guarantee goes to 81 degrees. a warmer afternoon into the 80s. here's your seven-day forecast. temperatures will probably be in the middle 60s. the last quart around 60 -- quarter around 60 degrees. we have boston back in town with the o's. the weekend forecast looks good, maybe a spot shower but temperatures cooler into the 70s. we'll talk about the weekend forecast coming up. now to democracy 2012 news tonight, president obama and mitt romney both delivered major speeches today, focused on for policy. tory dunnan joins us live from washington. hello. we don't often get a chance to hear the scanneds talk about these types of issues, do we?
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>> reporter: we don't. either candidate mentioned the other but it was clear that politics were at play. >> thank you very much oar while speaking to the united nations general assembly president obama addressed the recent deadly lay tacks in the middle east. >> this violence and intolerance has no place among our united nations. >> reporter: he criticized the video that led to the widespread violence. at the same time obama -- >> i will always defend their right to do so. >> reporter: the romney campaign criticized obama for not being tough enough on iran. today the president sought to silence his critics. >> we believe there is time and space to do so. that time is not unlimited. >> reporter: mitt romney spoke at the clinton global initiative. he argued global stability comes
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through economic success. >> nothing we cran do as a nation will change lives and nations more effectively and permanently than sharing the insight that lies at the foundation of america's own economy oar romney's plan called the prosperity mack would reward companies that promote trade and investment with the u.s. >> the aim of a much larger share must be the promotion of work and the fortunatering of previous ent -- free enterprise. >> reporter: president obama spoke there and he focused on fighting human trafficking but both candidates will face off on october 22nd in florida. >> there's a light moment from the speeches today. tell us what mitt romney was doing. >> reporter: yeah, kelly, this is something you don't normally see. mitt romney was standing on stage next to president bill
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clinton. clinton introduced romney and here's what romney said. >> i appreciate your kind words. that introduction is very touching. if there's one thing we've learned in this election season, and that is that a few words from bill clinton clan do a man a lot of good. [ laughter ] >> reporter: obviously, he got some laughs from the crowd. what he's referring to is clinton spoke before obama at the democratic national convention. romney went on to say he hopes to see a bump in the polls in a couple days after clinton introduced him today. >> a little humor there. thank you for that live report. the president was in new york for the united nations. he made a stop at the -- "the view." this is the first time they appeared together with barbara walters and the crew. when asked if he thought it would be disastrous for the company if mitt romney were
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elected, he said the country is strong. "dancing with the stars" is back. last night judges and the fans all got a taste. take a look at expectations for this season and the all stars. who got the best scores? who got the worse? how did the stars feel after night one. george pennachio has all the dancing highlights. >> reporter: emmitt smith and his partner cheryl burke tackled the cha cha. it was enough to end the evening on top. >> i'm very sad. that means we have no other place to go but down. >> reporter: half a point behind for second,. >> then is a reason na bryan.
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>> -- sabrina brian. >> reporter: shawn johnson and a three-way tie for sixth. >> val and i -- if val and i get voted out, we've had a great time. >> reporter: melissa rycroft. joey fatown in 10th. bristol palin in 11th and kerr somethingally thought -- kirstie alley -- >> i'm breaking up with you now. i've never been in love with someone like i am with you.
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good-bye oar good-bye is not what pamela anderson and tristan want top hear. one of the 13 couples is already going home tonight. we'll find out who during the "dancing with the stars" results show. in los angeles, george pennachio for abc news. another all new "dancing with the stars" is right here tonight on abc2 at 8:00. that's two hours again followed by private practice. keep it here for us, abc2 news at 11. coming up at 6:00, even the nfl said the replacement officials missed a call. we'll have more on it. >> a new government report has news about prescription drug abuse. why abuse among one segment of the population is on the decline. those stories and whole plot more when you join us for -- lot
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more when you join us at 6:00.
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it's a time honored tradition in towns all over the country but one will no longer be able to hold a father-daughter dance. one school was sued after a single mother said she had a serious problem with the dances. she argued they were too gender specific. after the ucla took up the cause -- aclu took up the issue, it was banned. >> when we create any event that might any family feel excluded.
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>> although federal law does not allow discrimination based on gender, there are some exception. the school district has band the dances but passed a resolution asking the state legislature to consider changing the law that makes the dances illegal. a maryland moving company accused of hitting customers with hundreds of dollars of unexpected fees. that story and more coming up on abc2 news at 6, which starts right now. a close knit community in anne arundel is growing increasingly frustrated after a string of 15 burglaries in three weeks time. the construction of harrah's casino in baltimore is set to start construction. >> eight games left, a game and a
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